Solomon encourages his son to keep his father’s command and his mother’s law.  This will lead and keep the child and be a lamp and a light to his or her path.  It will keep him or her from evil people, seducers or seductresses.  Wisdom guards from lust and sin.  He warns against infidelity, a practice that will sear your life and turn you into a crust of bread.  Solomon further makes provision for the punishment of thieves who are hungry.  They should receive mercy to a degree, but then must restore sevenfold what they took.  Again, though, he states that a man who commits adultery lacks understanding, and the husband of that woman will exact revenge upon him, with no chance of recompense by a gift.  Finally, he offers his son advice to bind the words of his father on his fingers and hide them in his heart, that he might avoid the sinful woman and her sin.

Obviously, this is written during a very patriarchal period, where women are seen negatively, more as property than as equals, and the seductive woman is the problem, not the weak-willed man.  However, this chapter should be seen more in the context of a wise man instructing his children, male and female, to be sexually pure.  Anyone who engages in sexual sin, whether male or female, is in danger of judgement and retribution.  Keep your vessel holy, and save sex for monogamous heterosexual marriage only.  This is God’s plan and purpose, and this He will bless!

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