Isaiah begins chapter two with a prophecy concerning the future glory and dominance of the Lord’s House over the mountains and nations.  God’s house will be the focal point of the earth, and many will come to see it, laying down their weapons and learning war no more.

He then instructs the house of Jacob to walk in the light of the Lord.  The Lord has forsaken them because of their sin and false religion.  He regrets their affluence, which has led to their lack of dependence upon God.  The terror of the Lord is coming, and they must hide from it, for humility is coming to mankind.

The day of the Lord will be awesome, bringing down the proud and high things.  The trees, the mountains, the great ships shall all come down.  When this happens, men will cast away their idols, hide from the terror of the Lord when the earth is shaken by His majesty.  Separate yourself from the proud and idolaters, for they shall die.

Today, we can see that this chapter is relevant in that we must watch for the Lord’s justice on the idolaters and God-haters.  We must separate ourselves from those who deny God and especially those who worship others Gods.  Make yourself safe by turning your heart to the one true God!

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