Isaiah 14

Isaiah opens this chapter with a promise of mercy from God to Israel of restoration and victory.  He prophecies the fall of the King of Babylon in unceremonious fashion.  He then goes on to describe the fall of Lucifer after his attempt to ascend into heaven and exalt his throne above the stars of God.  He wanted to be like the Most High, yet he was to be brought down to Sheol.  He will become a spectacle before all the people of the earth.

Isaiah goes on to foretell that Babylon and Assyria will be destroyed, along with Philistia.  This prophetic chapter speaks of the power of God to restore that which is lost.  When loss occurs by your own hand or by the merciless work of your enemy, God can forgive and/or restore your life, your nation, your world.  Follow God, repent and find His favor and mercy.  Mercy always wins!

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