Jacob’s wife Rachel had her last child, Benjamin.  She wanted to call him Ben-Oni (Son of My Sorrow).  Benjamin (Son of My Right Hand) was Israel’s chosen name for his son, because he chose to see the birth of his last son as a son of promise.  When you are in the throes of death and pain, it is difficult to believe in the plan of God.  It is important to listen to those around us with faith and see the hope of the future.  Rachel died, but her son lived on to complete the circle of the family.  12 was a number of significance in the Bible.  12 sons, 12 tribes, 12 disciples, etc.  Israel set up a pillar on his wife’s grace to remember the love of his life.

After a brief interlude where Israel recorded a sinful act on the part of Reuben his son, the twelve sons of Jacob are listed.  This pause ends a larger section that chronicles Jacob’s amazing life.  With all of the deceit and the long journey back home, Jacob (Israel) has come back home, completed his family’s growth, and settled in to an existence that would move the children of Abraham along the path to their destiny.

Regardless of the twists and turns along the path you follow, know that if you trust God, He will carry you through the trials of life.  When you cannot trust anything else, you can trust God!

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