The tabernacle was constructed, but not yet erected.  Moses was following the leadership of the Lord at every turn.  God gave some final instructions for the procedure for its erection that would ensure that God’s presence and blessing would be upon it.

God instructed them to erect the Tabernacle of Meeting on the first day of the first month.  This speaks to the priority that the presence of God should take in the life of the church and the people of God.  On the first day of the first month of the year, the tabernacle was lifted up and put into use.  This was a powerful statement of the place God would inhabit in the nation of Israel.

All of the elements of the Tabernacle were put in place to be used in the worship of Yahweh.  Everything had been built and finished according to the specific instructions of the Lord.  When the people of God obeyed God, the presence of God was rich among them.

The elements of the tabernacle were all anointed with oil, as were the priests themselves.  This signifies the utter need and dependence that all ministers of the gospel have upon the Holy Spirit.  When we minister under the power of the Holy Spirit, God can do great things among us!

The final piece of this puzzle was the washing with water of the priests.  This signified that the priests should not minister with sin in their lives, but must be washed regularly and cleansed before ministering before the Lord.  With the cleansing applied, they could minister before God without guilt or stain.  God would receive their worship and ministry gladly.

Let us put God first, obey His instructions, operate under the anointing, and be cleansed from our sins and guilt.  God can work through the vessels who put Him first!

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