Laws Concerning Blood relate to the fact that God designated the blood as the principle of life in an individual, animal, or other creature.  Therefore, Israelites were prohibited from eating anything with blood still in it.  Any animal which was killed for food must have the blood drained from it before it was prepared for eating.  This was God’s way of reverencing life and recognizing its sanctity.

The laws concerning sexual morality are clear to the nth degree.  Any sexual relationships with members of one’s family, even as far removed as first cousins, is prohibited.  Incest is clearly prohibited with parents, children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc.  Sexual relations with another man’s wife is specifically restricted as well.  It is reiterated that sexual relationships with a woman during her impurity (menstruation) is prohibited as well.

Two other specific prohibitions are mentioned here as well, but with added emphasis by being classified as abominations:  homosexual relations and bestiality.  These two things are given equal guilt and are prohibited at the cost of death.  While society today is desperately trying to legitimize homosexual relations and make them appear normal, the Biblical record stills identifies these relationships as abnormal and abhorrent.  We must hold up the Biblical standard.  We cannot cave to societal convention.  It may seem offensive to some to compare homosexuality to bestiality, but the comparison comes from the Biblical record, not from any individual.  Therefore, hold up the banner of God’s truth unashamedly.

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