The Passover was a permanent feast to be observed by the children of Israel.  They were to eat a meal fashioned exactly as it was on the original Passover evening.  The regulations concerning it are rehearsed briefly, and then Moses moves on to discuss contingencies.  If someone was defiled by a human corpse, then they could observe Passover one month later.  If someone was away on a trip, they could observe a month later as well.  However, if they do not observe it at that time, then they will be guilty of not observing the Passover, and they will be cut off from Israel.  Also, strangers could observe the Passover, according to the same regulations as natives of Israel.

The Passover was observed as a remembrance of God’s deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt.  The provisions for those who were unclean and away traveling are examples of God’s grace.  Not everyone is ready to serve the Lord or worship Him at the same time.  Some come to God early in life, and others come into the church later in life.  Wherever you are at this moment, God’s timing is perfect.  He will meet you where you are at the time He knows you will be open to His Spirit.  The thing to remember is that God will be patient and will suffer long for you to come to Him, but do not wait too long.  If you do not come to the Lord at your appointed time, you shall bear your sin.

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