The priests were to have charge over all the holy gifts of the children of Israel.  From these gifts, those not reserved to be burned up were the property of the priests.  Grain offerings, sin offerings, and trespass offerings were to be eaten in a most holy place.  The heave offerings and wave offerings could be eaten by anyone in the priest’s house who was clean.  The oil, wine, and firsfruits were also available to the household of the priests.

The firstborn of all was to be for the priests.  However, the firstborn of men and of unclean animals was to be redeemed for five shekels of silver.  This provision for the priests was given so that the priests would have proper food and provision.  They did not have land or inheritance with which to provide for their needs.  Therefore, the people provided for the priests.

In today’s world, it is a parallel truth that pastors and church leaders be provided for by the offerings and tithes of the people of God.  There is no shame in this, but rather an opportunity for blessing, not only for the pastor, but also for the people who give.  God blesses the finances of those who tithe.  Give unto the Lord and take care of your pastor, and God’s blessings will be upon you!

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