God instructs the people of Israel to obey the commandments of the Lord again.  However, in this instance, God specifically calls out the adults, the parents, and lets them know of their responsibility which stems from the fact that they have seen God’s miraculous provision and His chastening.  He tells of the fruitful, lush nature of the land which they will possess.  They will not need to water it, but it will be watered by the rains of heaven, and God will care for it.  However, the rain and care of God are dependent upon man’s obedience of the commandments of God.  He told them to display and remember the commandments of God so that they could possess the land for a long time.  He promised that those who obey would possess every place where their foot tread in the land.

The final piece of this passage’s puzzle is the warning and admonition that the people would have a curse and a blessing set before them.  If they obeyed God, the blessing would be poured out.  However, if they disobeyed, the curse would be meted out.  While we live in a covenant of grace, and works do not necessarily save us, we also will still reap what we sow.  Obedient and holy Christians will follow the will of God and be blessed.  Disobedient, sinful Christians wander out of the covering of God and face the consequences of their actions.  The grace of God convicts us when we begin to sin, but the justice of God allows us to suffer the consequences of our sins when we dive in head first.  Shun evil, cling to God, and make the devil flee!

The beginning of chapter 12 instructs the people to prepare a place for God’s name, a place of worship.  They were to drive out the nations, and destroy all of their places of worship-.  They were to cease doing what was right in their own eyes, and observe the law of God and the sacrificial system for forgiveness and worship.

While we are all temples of the Holy Spirit today, it is still so very important to honor the worship of God with the people of God.  Jesus is the sacrificial lamb, but we must come together to worship Him regularly in order to be in right relationship with God.  Love Him, Obey Him, Worship Him!

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