More on Ephraim and Manasseh (Joshua 17:14 – 18:10)

Ephraim and Manasseh asked Joshua to give them more land, because they were such a large people.  He granted them the mountain country adjacent to them, and the valley of the Canaanites, even though it was inhabited with giants who drove iron chariots.

The entire congregation of Israel assembled at Shiloh, and they set up the tabernacle of meeting there.  Seven of the tribes had not received their inheritance yet.  The land that was available was to be spied out and divided into seven parts.  Once that was completed, the spies brought Joshua the survey and they cast lots for the territory.

Sometimes the blessings or destiny of God is just beyond a serious challenge.  The serious challenge seems like an insurmountable obstacle, but God is greater than any obstacle we face.  Trust in Him to provide that which He has promised.  He will not fail!

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