Continuing in Canaan (Judges 1:1 – 26)

After the death of Joshua, Caleb had a distinct role in the leadership of Israel.  Judah led all the tribes into battle, and they and Simeon went to battle against the nations residing in their respective inheritances.  In the process, Caleb promised his daughter Achsah to whomever would attack and take Kirjath Sepher.  Othniel responded and took the city, and received Achsah.  She requested springs of water, and Caleb gave her the upper and lower springs.

Once Judah took Hebron, they gave it to Caleb, and he expelled the three sons of Anak, but the Benjamites did not drive the Jebusites our of Jerusalem  The house of Joseph went up against Bethel, and took it.

The children of Israel took the heritage that Joshua had left them and fulfilled its purpose.  When God gives you a command or an assignment, carry it out with zeal and excellence, knowing that where God sends you, you will be blessed!

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