Death of Joshua and Israel’s Unfaithfulness (Judges 2:7 – 23)

The writer of Judges revisists the death of Joshua and his burial and the faithfulness of Israel during the lives of the elders appointed under Joshua’s leadership.  However, once that generation died out, a generation arose “who did not know the Lord nor the work He had done for Israel.”

This new generation began to serve the Baals and forsook the Lord God.  They also served the Ashtoreths.  God delivered them into the hands of plunderers and sold them to their enemies all around.  His anger was hot and they could no longer stand against their enemies.  

However, God, in His love for Israel, raised up judges to deliver them out of the hands of those who plundered them (thus the name of this book of the Bible).  They would be delivered, then they would forget the deliverance, and turn from the ways of their fathers again, and be corrupted by the gods around them.  This became a pattern in Israel during the times of the judges.  The peoples left in the land were then a test for Israel, to see if they would continue to follow after the Lord or sin against Him.  Too often, they failed.

Again, this is a great admonition from the Scriptures to remove all evil influence from one’s life.  Get the idols and the idol worshippers out of your life, and live for God completely!

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