Samson’s Final Victory and Micah’s Idolatry (Judges 16:23 – 17:13)

Samson was defeated, shaved and shackled.  When we last left him, the Scriptures said he was led around by a little boy, but his hair began to grow.  The Philistines made a great sacrifice to Dagon their god, and rejoiced over the defeat of Samson.  They called for him, that he might perform for them.  They stationed him between two pillars, and he asked the young boy to let him feel and locate the pillars.  Once he was in position, he asked God to strengthen him one more time, that he might exact vengeance on the Philistines for his eyes.  He took hold of the middle pillars, braced himself, and pushed with all his might.  The temple fell on all the people in it, and Samson killed more in his death that he had killed in his life.  Samson’s family came and collected his body and buried him.  He had judged Israel for twenty years.

The moral of this story is that no matter how far you have fallen, no matter how dysfunctional your life may be, God can still redeem you, even if for a moment, to be useful in his kingdom.

Micah was from the mountains of Ephraim.  He confessed to his mother that he had robbed her of 1100 shekels of silver.  He returned it and received his mother’s blessing, and she gave him the silver to make a molded image.  He kept the image in his house.  He also had a shrine, and ephod, and household idols, and consecrated his son to be a priest unto him.  17:6 ”In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”  A Levite from Behtlehem in Judah came to the mountains of Ephraim looking for a place to stay.  Micah asked him to live with him and be his priest and father.  He offered him the shekels of silver a year, a suit of clothes, and his food.  The Levite accepted and dwelt with him.  Micah assumed that because he had a Levite, that God would be good to him.

No matter how you dress up idolatry, it is still idolatry.  It is still against the law of God.  Therefore, Micah’s idols, household gods, shrine, and ephod were still idolatrous objects, whether his son or the Levite were considered his priest.  Do not try to put a positive spin or a Christian facade on a life that is lived in sin.  Do not be a hypocrite, but live the truth and not a lie.  God is looking for people to let their yes be yes, and their no be no.  It is not enough to say you are a Christian.  You must be a Christian!

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