Boaz Makes His Move (Ruth 4:1 – 12)

Boaz went up to the city gate and waited for the close relative to come by.  Once he did, he asked if he would redeem the land belonging to Naomi and Elimelech.  He agreed to buy it, but then Boaz informed him that the redeemer would need to take Ruth as a wife, too.  At that news, he declined, for it would ruin his own inheritance.  He then deferred to Boaz to redeem the property.  They sealed the deal with a sandal ceremony, and Boaz declared his intention to purchase the property and take Ruth as a wife.  The people at the gate witnessed the transaction, and blessed Boaz and his new family!

Boaz is a wonderful type or shadow of Jesus Christ, redeeming the lost, the poor, the person without power, and giving them a place in a family of hope.  Boaz and Ruth are in the lineage of Jesus found in the book of Matthew.  They show us how Jesus loves us, and how He take us from a place of loss and puts us in His family.  Praise God for redemption!

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