Saul Resents David; David Marries Michal (1 Samuel 18)

Saul took David with him from this moment onward, and Saul’s son, Jonathan, loved David “as his own soul.”  Saul set David over his men of war, and David won acclaim, with the women crying out “Saul has slain his thousands, and David his ten thousands.”  This made Saul angry, being jealous and paranoid.  The next day, when the distressing spirit came on Saul, David played music, but Saul threw a spear at him, but David escaped.  Saul placed David over a thousand soldiers, and he was loved by Israel and Judah, and Saul was afraid of him.

Saul promised his daughter, Merab, to David, but then gave her to Adriel the Meholathite.  Michal, Saul’s other daughter, loved David, and they approached Saul, and he allowed them to be married, hoping she would trip him up.  Saul required 100 foreskins of the Philistines as a dowry, hoping to send him to his death.  David took the challenge, and brought Saul 200 foreskins.  He gave Michal to David, but knew that he was dangerous.  All the while, David grew in reputation among the Israelites.

David was already anointed, and Saul was marked for failure.  This was even known to Saul.  However, David did not work against Saul, even though Saul’s paranoia made him think that he was.  When a leader–or anyone, for that matter–is living out of God’s will, he will behave in ways that bely their guilt and fear.  Live righteously, and there will be nothing of which to be afraid!

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