Sermon Notes from Sunday AM Service at Kannapolis Church of God, February 14, 2016

Friendship, Dating, Marriage, Family, & Relationships
What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Hope is…

The Language of Faith
A Breath in the Middle of Suffocating Circumstances
The Balm of Love Lost
Healing for Broken Hearts
Hope Tells the Soul that Love is Not Dangerous: The Risk is Worth It!



The Love of God
(God’s Love of Us)


Love of God and for God
The Ground of Hope’s Confidence

Poured Out

In the Old Testament, the Bible speaks of the wrath of God being poured out. In the Gospels, Jesus pours out the changers’ money in the temple.
In the book of Acts, we see the Holy Spirit poured out on the church.
In our passage in Romans, we see the Love of God poured out.
In Philippians and 2 Timothy, Paul speaks of being poured out as a drink offering.

The Heart and the Holy Spirit

There are people here today with happy hearts
There are people here today with heavy hearts
There are full hearts and lonely hearts

There are happy marriages, strained marriages, and broken marriages represented in the house today.
Even the best marriages have their issues. But the worst relationships leave gaping holes of pain behind. Wherever you are today, though, God is there, too!

The Gift

for God’s love
for relationships (friends, family, romance, etc.)
for healing
for renewal
by the Holy Spirit

Two Altar Responses Today

First, it is time to make a fresh commitment to the marriage covenant.
Renewal of Covenant

Second, it is time to make a fresh commitment to trusting God in love.
Time to forgive
Time to heal
Time to open your heart to God’s call and will
Time to release the hate and bitterness.

It is Time to Love

God & Church

Family & Friends

Spouses & Strangers

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