Saul Murders and David Saves (1 Samuel 22:6 – 23:13)

Saul found out that David had fled, and offered goods and power to anyone who would reveal where David was.  Doeg the Edomite said that he saw Ahimelech give David supplies and a sword.  The king called Ahimelech, the priest, and accused him of helping his enemy, David.  Ahimelech stood for David’s innocence and loyalty to the king, and claimed he had no knowledge of David’s opposition to Saul.  Saul determined to kill Ahimelech and the priests.  He ordered the Benjamites to kill all the priests, but they did not, so Saul order Doeg to kill them, and he killed eighty-five men of the priests.  He then attacked Nob, the city of priests and killed everyone.  Ahitub, the son of Ahimelech, ran to David and told all that had happened.  David called out Doeg as the betrayer and told the son to stay with him and he would be safe.

David was called to Keilah to defend the city, as the Philistines were fighting against them.  He inquired of the Lord and the Lord told him to go and fight.  His men were afraid, so David inquired again, and God again told him to go down and fight.  David went and defeated the Philistines and saved Keilah.  Saul heard that David had gone to Keilah, and intended to capture him there.  David called for Abiathar the priest to bring the ephod, and he inquired of God.  David asked if Saul would come down, and–if so–if they would give him to Saul.  David said, “Yes” to both.  Therefore, David took his men and departed from Keilah.  Once Saul heard that David had fled, he stopped his expedition.

We see here a picture of two different men: a vengeful man, who even kills priests, men of God, and a courageous warrior, who defends the defenseless.  David helped anyone that needed help, at the behest of the Lord Himself.  Let us hear the voice of God and heed His instructions, and stand for justice and right at every turn!

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