Absalom Flees; Absalom Returns (2 Samuel 13:34 – 14:24)

Absalom left David and went to Geshur to avoid punishment for killing Amnon.  He stayed away 3 years.  David missed Absalom and was comforted by his people concerning Amnon.

Joab knew that David longed for Absalom’s return, but did not pursue him.  Joab, seeking to help, sent a woman from Tekoa to tell him a story of her two sons, one who killed the other, and asked David’s advice and help since the family sought to kill her other son.  David promised to spare him and protect him.  The woman then asked David why he would not do the same for his own son.  David asked if Joab was behind this ploy, and she confessed that he was.  David then sent to Joab and asked him to bring Absalom back, which he did.  The only stipulation was that Absalom should go to his own house and not come before the King.

This is a picture of forgiveness, although incomplete.  David wanted to be restored to his son, but felt as though he could not go after him.  However, Joab’s messenger got through to him and convinced him of the need to bring Absalom back.  However, he could not stand before the King.  This would change, but for now the forgiveness was only to a certain stage.  We humans sometimes forgive slowly.  As God forgives us, we should forgive.  However, our humanity sometimes gets in the way.  Be sure to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit concerning forgiveness, and, as soon as you are able, forgive completely.

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