A messenger told David of Absalom’s treason, and he called all his servants to leave Jerusalem.  They submitted to his instructions, and they all left with David except some concubines to keep the house.  They all passed by David on their way out.  They all crossed over the Brook Kidron and wept, including a foreigner, Ittai the Gittite.  They took the ark of the covenant and the Levites with them.  David told Zadok the priest to take the ark back into Jerusalem, and that if God showed him favor, he would return to see it again.  He asked Zadok to seek the Lord and send word to him.  They all left weeping, with their heads covered and barefoot.  David was told that Ahithophel was with Absalom, and David prayed that his counsel to Absalom would be turned into foolishness.  As David came to the top of the mountain where he worshiped God, Hushai came out to meet him, but David sent him back to Jerusalem to serve Absalom and be a spy.  He would send news to David by Zadok’s sons and he would also confuse Ahithophel’s counsel.  Hushai went into Jerusalem and Absalom came there as well.

David was proactive, and put a plan in place to eventually return to Jerusalem as King.  David was smart.  He did not assume that the presence of the Lord (the ark of the covenant) was his possession, so he left it in Jerusalem.  Also, He enlisted people he trusted to help him, and he took people that were loyal to him into safety with him.  The messages here are to be respectful of God’s presence, be loyal to those who are loyal to you, and be wise.  This is the way to handle adversity.

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