Ahithophel v. Hushai (2 Samuel 16:15 – 17:14)

Absalom came into Jerusalem and was greeted by Hushai.  Absalom questioned his loyalty, and Hushai pledged his allegiance to Absalom.  This seemed to satisfy Absalom, and he asked Ahithophel’s advice as to what to do next.  Ahithophel told Absalom to have sex with all of David’s concubines, showing his dominance over David.  Then all of Israel would see his strength.  So Absalom did just what Ahithophel said.  After this, Ahithophel advised David to allow him to take twelve thousand men and pursue David while he and his men were weary.  Ahithophel would then kill just David, and bring back all his people.

Then Absalom asked Hushai his opinion. Hushai said that Ahithophel’s advice was bad.  He told Absalom that he should not approach David, because he was a mighty man, and was probably hiding, and his men would defeat a small group of warriors.  After  that, he should amass all the armies of Israel, and then fully destroy David and his men, even pulling a city into the river if necessary.  Absalom heeded Hushai’s advice, which was better for David, and aided his cause, just as David intended.

Although the enemy may be strong against us at times, God’s wisdom and abilities are stronger and more persuasive, and thus will prevail.  What the enemy intends for evil, God can turn around to good.  In this case, God sent a voice to speak to Absalom that prevented him from being able to take advantage of David.  Believe that God will work on your behalf and protect you if you trust Him!

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