David’s Mighty Men (2 Samuel 23:8 – 24:9; 1 Chronicles 11:11 – 47)

A chronicle of David’s mighty men is inserted in David’s story here near the end of 2 Samuel.  The exploits of his mighty men include things such as Adino, who killed 800 men at one time; Eleazar, who killed Philistines with a sword so long that his hand stuck to the sword; and Shammah, who defended his lentil field against the Philistines and killed them all.  While David and his men were camped at the cave of Adullam, David verbally longed for water from the well of Bethlehem.  Unknown to him, three mighty men broke through the camp of the Philistines and brought David water from that well.  David was moved, but poured it out to the Lord, not willing to drink water brought at the risk of other men’s lives.  Abishai killed three hundred men with a spear.  Benaiah killed a lion in a pit on a snowy day, and killed a spectacular Egyptian man.  All thirty-seven of the mighty men of David were skilled warriors.

When you are called of God, God will send people your way to help you.  Remember the story of how men gravitated to David once he fled from Saul’s wrath.  They remained with him until the end of his kingship.  Look for loyalty, and believe God to give loyal people the skills needed to do the job.  God will help you build His kingdom if you surround yourself with His people!

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