David Rescues His People…Twice (2 Samuel 24:18 – 1 Kings 1:27; 1 Chronicles 21 – 22:1, 29:21 – 22)

After David’s census, Gods judged Israel with a plague.  The way he would save Israel was given him by Gad when he told him to go to Araunah and build an altar to sacrifice to God.  David went to Araunah and asked to buy his threshing floor.  Araunah offered to give it to him, but David insisted on buying it and uttered the famous words,  “No, but I will surely buy it from you for a price; nor will I offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God with that which costs me nothing.”  They made the deal for 50 shekels of silver, and David built an altar and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings to the Lord, and the plague was withdrawn.

With the transition to 1 Kings, the Scripture states that David was old.  He could not get warm, even with blankets, so they brought a young lady(Abishag) to lie with him and keep him warm.  The king did not have any sexual relations with her.  Upon this news, Adonijah sought to become king, even though the throne was promised to Solomon.  He had a feast, hired chariots, and declared himself king.  Nathan the prophet and Bathsheba, David’s wife and Solomon’s mother, went to David and told him all that Adonijah was doing.  His response will be discussed in tomorrow’s blog.

Two things are at work here.  The first thing relates to David’s humility.  Even though David was considered a man after God’s own heart, he was human, and–at times–flawed.  He had an affair with Uriah’s wife, and now disobeyed God by taking a census.  He was a blood-shedder.  Yet he still was humble, and knew when to repent and ask God for forgiveness.  He was still a good king and fought for his people, stopping the plague that began due to his sin.  Leaders can be flawed, can commit sin, but God will forgive if we humble ourselves and repent, and we can still be useful for the kingdom.  The second thing relates to David’s integrity.  David was not a man to scheme and manipulate the political scene.  Instead, he trusted God to take care of his future and his calling.  He was presented with the actions of another son, Adonijah (the brother of Absalom, of all things) who sought to be king by unsavory methods and manipulation.  When this was presented, David was faced with a choice.  Know that people are going to try to manipulate and twist their way into what they want.  However, it is imperative to maintain your integrity and honesty before the Lord.  David was that kind of man, and that is why Bathsheba and Nathan came to him when evil was afoot.

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