Hunger and Thirst 

Actual Sermon Notes from May 29, 2016 10:30 am service at Kannapolis Church of God.  Extemporaneous Sermon by Dr. Greg Sloop in lieu of previously scheduled sermon.

Matthew 5:6 –  Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
For they shall be filled.

The American Church has become fat, satisfied, and complacent.  There is a sense that the church and its people have all we need and do not feel an urgency to seek the face of God nor to evangelize the lost.

We need to return to a revival spirit that will draw us near to God for many reasons.  However, one of the main reasons is that we must pass the faith along to those who follow us.  Whether it is our children, grandchildren, or other family members, or just someone upon whom we have influence.  We have a responsibility to model faith that will take root in another’s soul.

Therefore, today the Lord calls us to a deeper walk effected by a hunger for His presence and His power.  Seek God today for a deeper, more meaningful relationship than ever before.  Seek Him for a revival in your own spirit.  Seek Him for a renewal of the Holy Spirit’s presence and work in your life.

Without this revival spirit, and without a hunger for God, we are one generation away from apostasy.  One generation away from a dead church.  Wake up and bring life into your walk with God, and into the church of the Living God!

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