Elisha’s Prophetic Reign Begins (2 Kings 2:19 – 3:27)

The first act of Elisha after his receiving the spirit of the prophet Elisha was to heal the water of Jericho by casting a bowl of salt in and declaring the healing word of the Lord.  After this, he went up to Bethel, and was mocked by youths who called him “baldhead.”  He pronounced a curse on him and two female bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of them.  He went from there to Mount Carmel and on to Samaria.  

Jehoram reigned in Israel after Ahab, and did evil, although he did tear down the sacredness pillar of Baal.  Mesha, king of Moab, paid tribute of lambs, Rams, and wool to Israel.  Afte Ahab’s death, he rebelled against this.  Jehoram mustered the troops of Israel and enlisted the help of Judah as well.  As they went, there was no water, and the king of Israel was distressed.  They called for Elisha to give them a word.  Elisha told Jehoram that he should ask his parents’ prophets, and that the only reason he was there at all was because of Jehoshaphat of Judah.  Elisha called for a musician.  When the music played, Elisha called for all the ditches in that valley of Edom to be filled with water.  Also, he declared that the kings would defeat Moab.  The next morning, water came to the land, and the animals and men drank freely. 

The Moabites heard that the armies of Israel, Judah, and Edom were about to attack, so they prepared for battle.  When they looked out on the valley and saw the water, it appeared as blood to them, so they thought the armies had fought one another, and rushed to take the spoils.  When the got to the camp, the Israelites arose and defeated them.  The king of Moab sought to attack the king of Edom, but could not reach him, and even sacrificed his oldest son as a burnt offering to find favor with his gods, but to no avail.  And Israel returned to their own land.

Elisha hear establishes himself as the new prophet of God to the nations of Israel and Judah.  He shows the power of God working in his life through the healing of the waters, the curse of disrespectful youths, and the direction of Almighty God to His armies.  The anointing of God is powerful, and we should seek to walk in that anointing and be used of God at every opportunity.  It is noteworthy to mention that Elisha, though, served and sought God for some time to be anointed in this powerful way, and he also had a standard of holiness in his life that made him a vessel of honor, useful to the Lord.  Lay aside the sinfulness, the distraction, the noise of this world, and seek the Lord in solitude and devotion, and seek for the anointing.  It will make a difference, not onlyin your life, but also in the life of those around you and even in the nations.  God is looking for preachers, teachers, and prophets who will open their mouths and declare what thus says the Lord to a world in need of repentance.  Be that man or woman!

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