Gehazi’s Greed (2 Kings 5:20 – 27)

Gehazi thought that Naaman’s offer of gifts was merited, after Elisha spared Naaman’s life, so he ran after Naaman to take some of them.  Under the pretense of two sons of the prophets arriving in need, Gehazi asked for a talent of silver and two changes of clothing.  Naaman gave him two talents and two garments.  He stored them in the house and stood before Elisha.  Elisha asked where he had gone, and Gehazi lied and said he did not go anywhere.  Elisha revealed exactly where Gehazi had gone, and that Naaman’s leprosy would be in Gehazi’s house forever.  Gehazi immediately was leprous.

While this seems like a harsh punishment, it is definitely a clear picture of the price of greed.  Gehazi had everything he needed with Elisha, but the riches of Naaman were so tempting that he did not see the blessings of God before him.  Instead, he saw the proverbial greener grass on the other side of the fence.  Chasing riches is foolish when you have the riches of God in your life.  Money is not necessarily and evil thing in itself, but the pursuit of riches when God has a different blessing in mind is foolish, and–as in the case of Gehazi–dangerous!

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