Sennacherib in a Staredown with the Lord (2 Kings 19:8 – 34)

The Rabshakeh (one of Assyria’s chief officers) went back to the king, Sennacherib, because he heard the king was in battle.  When he did, the king sent him back to Hezekiah, king of Judah, with another threatening letter, outlining all the nations that he had defeated, and declaring that Hezekiah’s God could not help him.  Hezekiah then prayed to God, asking for help and for God to save Judah in order to prove His superiority.  

It was then that the Word of the Lord came to Isaiah.  He spoke through Isaiah a word to Sennacherib.  He called out the king of Assyria, and began to expound on His creative work, how he carved out the land, even the land of Assyria.  He even spoke of how he gave the king his power and ability to destroy cities.  But then God talked about how He knows where Sennacherib lives, and when he goes in and comes out.  He also heard the raging of Sennacherib against the Lord of the earth, and promised to put a hook in his nose and turn him back.  He then gave the king a sign that he would eat of what grows on its own the first and second year, but in the third year he would sow and reap, and the remnant of Judah would take root and bear fruit.  However, Sennacherib would not come into this city, shoot an arrow, build a siege mound, or display a shield before it.  Instead, he would go back by the same way he came, because God will defend this city.

This is a great lesson for us.  When the naysayers and critics decry your efforts, when they deny your destiny or criticize your plan, don’t be discouraged.  When your enemies actively threaten your well-being or your future, don’t be dismayed.  If you are a man or woman of God, and you know your are living in His plan for your life, trust in the fact that He will defend you, and turn back your enemies.  God is just and perfect and holy.  He has no desire to see you fail.  Trust in Him completely and He will turn back the Sennacherib in your life!

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