The Captivity of Jerusalem (2 Kings 24:13 – 20; 2 Chronicles 36)

The King of Babylon carried away all the treasures of the house of the Lord and cut in pieces the articles of gold Solomon had made in the temple of the Lord.  He carried away all the people of Jerusalem: captains, mighty men, craftsmen, everyone except the poorest people of the land.  He carried king Jehoiachin captive to Babylon, with his wives, all their mothers, etc.  The king of Babylon made Jehoiachin’s uncle, Mattaniah, king in his place, and changed his name to Zedekiah.  Zedekiah was twenty-one years old when he became king, and reigned eleven months in Jerusalem.  He did evil in the sight of the Lord.  Then he rebelled against the king of Babylon.

This is a perfect picture, in my mind, of the church of today.  Churches are closing at an alarming rate.  Younger people are being carried away to serve false gods, and are leaving the church, in essence being taken to a foreign land. Strong and intelligent men and women are leaving leadership positions in the church and being carried into secular places of service.  The church today must be sure that its leaders, pastors, and decision-makers are following the truth of God’s word and not leading our families and young leaders into a place of sin and judgement.  Stand up for truth and see God’s blessings.  However–as we learn by Jerusalem and Judah’s example here–follow your own designs and sinfulness and the judgement of God will fall.

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