Reprieve (2 Kings 25:27 – 30)

Johoiachin was the next-to-last king of Judah before their captivity in Babylon.  A follow-up story is inserted here at the end of the book of 2 Kings concerning him.  He was taken captive by Nebuchadnezzar and taken to a prison in Babylon prior to Judah’s final defeat.  For some reason, Evil-Merodach, the new king of Babylon, decided to remove him from prison and gave him a seat of prominence at the king’s table.  He ate with the king for the rest of his life, and was given regular rations.

This story seems rather insignificant on its face, but there is a significance to it that I would like to explore for a moment.  Here, in the middle of a story of tragedy and judgement on Judah’s sins, God reaches down and liberates a king from prison with a glimpse of grace.  God is a righteous God, judging sin and calling believers to holiness.  However, in this poignant story, God gives a reprieve to Jehoiachin by bringing him out of prison and placing him at the king’s table, even in his captor’s kingdom.  Whatever prison you may be experiencing today, know that God has not forgotten you.  Even if you feel locked up in a house of pain, look for the glimpses of grace that give you hope for a brighter tomorrow.  God has not forgotten you.  Even if your prison is justified and of your own creation, God reaches out grace.  Receive His grace and be whole!

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