Darius’ Decree and the Completion of the Temple (Ezra 6:1 – 18)

When the search for the decree of Cyrus turned up the charge, Darius confirmed it and even issued an additional decree.  Whereas Cyrus decreed to allow the Jews to rebuild their temple, supply all the money and materials for it, and for the governor in the area to support them, Darius further decreed that anyone who got in their way would be hung on a timber from his own house and that house would be destroyed.

After this, the Jews continued their work on the temple diligently.  They finished the temple six years into the reign of Darius.  The Jews celebrated the dedication of the house of God with joy.  They offered sacrifices of one hundred Bulls, two hundred rams, four hundred lambs and twelve male goats.  They assigned the priests and Levites to their roles according to the law of Moses.

This is a story demonstrating the continuing them of God’s faithfulness in covenant.  God, even after their captivity, was faithful to the Jews and to His house.  He continued to use the enemies of Israel for His purposes and for Israel’s good.  After being in captivity these many years, they now were ready to serve God again and worship Him in Jerusalem.  Don’t underestimate the faithfulness of God.  What He promises, He will perform!

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