Prayer for the Journey (Ezra 8:15 – 23)

Ezra gathered all those who would return to Jerusalem at the River that flowed to Ahava.  They camped there three days, making sure who was present.  They found none of the sons of Levi among them, so Ezra send a request to Iddo to help them find servants for the house of the Lord.  They found Sherebiah, the son of Levi, and his sons and brothers, and other servants, numbering two hundred and twenty.

After this successful search, Ezra proclaimed a fast in order to humble themselves before God.  Ezra longed to seek for God’s will and protection.  He had told the king that anyone who sought God came under His protection, so he felt hesitant to ask for a royal escort for protection.  So they fasted and prayed, and God answered their prayers.

The beginning of this story shows Ezra tying up loose ends prior to leaving for their homeland to complete the Godly mission.  The latter part gives us an important lesson: pray!  No matter how large or small the kingdom work you are doing, it is essential to pray and seek God in humility and submission to His plan.  Too often, we get caught up in ideas and details and forget to hear the voice of God throughout the process.  God is there, and longs to guide you into success and blessing.  He will only do that, though, as you listen for His voice and obey.  Do not run ahead of God, and do not lag behind Him.  Pray and seek His face and walk with Him!

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