The Wall is Completed (Nehemiah 6:15 – 7:3)

In a total of fifty-two days, the people of Judah finished the wall.  When their enemies heard of it, they were disheartened, seeing the hand of God at work in this success.  Many of the nobles of Judah communicated by letter with Tobiah, because he had married a Judean woman.  They sang his praises to Nehemiah.  Tobiah tried desperately to intimidate Nehemiah.  After the wall was built and the doors were hung, Nehemiah appointed gatekeepers, singers, and Levites to watch over and care for the city of Jerusalem.  He appointed guards for the gates and only allowed the doors to be open in the heat of the day.

The journey we walk with God is not made of static starting and ending dates of events.  The journey is more of a fluid thing.  We begin moving, and various currents run side by side, some starting and ending at various places.  However, currents may show up, disappear, and reappear somewhere down the line.  Nehemiah completed the wall, which was a great triumph, somewhat of a miracle, but the work was just beginning.  Tobiah was defeated in this action, but he was still working behind the scenes.  What is the moral of this story?  Celebrate the victories and mark the transitions in your life, but don’t get stuck there.  There is always a new challenge to embrace, a continuing issue to address, and–unfortunately–an enemy that will continue to rear his ugly head.  In it all, praise God, trust God, and lean on God.  The successes will come.  The losses will come.  The journey will continue.  God will be glorified!

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