Stand Up and Be Counted (Nehemiah 10:1 – 27)

In this passage, the names of al the leaders of Judah who signed the covenant document were listed.  The governor, Nehemiah, numerous priests, Levites, brethren and leaders were listed and placed their seal on this document of the covenant.

While this may not seem like a deep theological moment in the Bible, it has significance in one important area:  these leaders were willing to stand up and be counted for the kingdom of God.  They put their name on the line and declared their allegiance to the king, the Lord God.  In so doing, they identified with the Lord.  The question one might ask here is, “In what ways are you identifying with the Lord?”  These men knew that they were signing a document that could potentially bring them further scrutiny, persecution, and war from their enemies, but they signed the document anyway.  Today, follow the example of these hungry, passionate Judeans.  Stand up and be counted!

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