Taking Care of Business in the City (Nehemiah 11:1 – 24)

The leaders of Judah were residing in the city of Jerusalem.  The rest of the people cast lots to send one out of ten to dwell in Jerusalem.  The other nine-tenths dwelt in other cities around Jerusalem.  The people blessed their representatives who offered to live in Jerusalem.  Next came a census of who was in Jerusalem, among the heads of the province, the children of Judah and Benjamin, the priests, the Levites, and the gatekeepers.  The priests cared for the temple interior and the acts of worship.  The Levites cared for the exterior and courtyards of the temple.  The gatekeepers were guards and monitors of the city’s activities.  The other people were to make sure that business, life, and activity was well represented and cared for.

There was a sense that God had brought Judah back to the holy city, and the people of God sought to be about the Father’s business, giving Him their utmost and carrying on life like His people were intended.  When life strikes a blow against you or your family, trust God, wait for the restoration to come, and then dwell in your new normal with all your might, giving glory to God.  While this may not seem easy, and far from simple, it is God’s plan to bring you out of poverty, despair, and bondage, and to bring you into blessing and influence.  Live in the plan of God and watch the change God effects in your life! 

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