Job’s Response to Zophar’s Sermon (Job 21:1 – 34)

Zophar has proposed that the wicked are punished in this life.  However, Job lifts up the fact that many wicked have prosperity and children, and have never been judged by God.  He contends that God is simply God and there is not a particular formula by which He works, other than His sovereign will and purpose.  None of these writers have been introduced to a deep understanding of grace or to the real concept of sowing and reaping.  Again, the mentality here is just that the righteous are blessed and the wicked are judged.  Therefore, Job must be evil.  For Job, though, he feels that God is just against him, but still trusts God and longs to see Him.

Where would you fall in this scheme of thought?  Is God uniform in His responses to man?  Is there ever a purpose to the suffering of the righteous or the success of the evil?  If you do everything right, will you always get what you want?  In the midst of these questions are several thought processes that arise to try and explain this Jobian story.  Be careful to follow the example of Job.  Even when things are bleak, and it seems like you lost, trust God.  He will bring you through the storm!

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