Eliphaz Rants Against Job (Job 22)

Eliphaz enters into a litany of accusations against Job, basically charging him with being self-righteous, wicked, extortionist, stingy, selfish, uncaring, etc.  He then tells Job that his ways has brought traps all around him, and darkness over his life.  He contends that Job questions the knowledge and wisdom of God, and declares certain judgement.  He then directs Job toward God, encouraging him to acquaint himself with Him.  He tells Job that repentance will bring him riches and blessings, and that God will hear his cry, and will save Job in his humility.

While the rant of Eliphaz would be good teaching to an unrighteous man, Job is not that man.  Job served God faithfully.  Job was perfect, complete, mature.  Therefore, Eliphaz’ indictment of Job is unfounded and harsh.  However, again, this is the mindset of the primitive time in which they lived, and Job was an example of grace under fire and the plight of the righteous who suffer.  Job is a light to those in trouble, those who serve God faithfully and still fall into trouble.  Believe in the midst of your valley.  Believe despite what you see.  Believe, because God is faithful!

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