Job: If I Could Talk to God (Job 23)

Job muses about the possible encounter he should have with God if he had the opportunity.  He reiterates his bitterness in complaining, and longs to find God, but He is not to be found.  He believes that the answers of God would justify him and deliver him from his pain.  In the middle of his desire to see God, Job still believes that when God is done testing him, that he will come forth as gold,  because he has held fast to God’s way and treasured His words.  In the end, though, he recognizes that God is sovereign, that he is terrified at His presence.

Job here is in the back and forth discussion with himself and his friends in which many people in crisis find themselves.  He, at one moment, wants audience with God to plead his case, but at another moment knows that his audience with God would be terrifying.  We struggle with why God would allow us to suffer, but also realize that God is God and we are not.  When we can righteously tell God our complaints and/or needs, but still recognize His awesomeness, we can deal with the problems, knowing that our righteous God is in control, and that He has our best in mind.  Trust in the Lord!

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