God Challenges Job (Job 40:6 – 41:34)

“Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind…” is the opening line of this response of God’s voice.  The awesomeness of God is described in terms of a storm, and then God’s words continue in a way that puts all, especially Job, on their heels.  He says, “Now prepare yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer me….” Job is asked a series of questions which challenge his right to question the Lord’s actions in any way.  He uses what could be considered sarcasm if spoken by a mere human, asking, “Have you an arm like God?”  “Can you thunder with a voice like His?”  He challenges Job to adorn himself as a king and rule if he is like God.  Then he asks Job to consider some of the great examples of His creation.  The behemoth, who eats grass, has powerful muscles, a large tail, bones like bronze, ribs like iron, who walks in the marsh and the river, but the water does not phase him.  This animal is considered something prehistoric almost along the lines of a giant hippopotamus or rhinoceros-type animal.  The Lord then describes Leviathan, a water animal with such size and strength that no one would be able to capture it or even get near it to touch it.  He has an outer coat with scales that cannot be penetrated, and has terrible teeth all around.  When it sneezes, light flashes and fire shoots our.  Smoke comes from his nostrils, and his heart is as hard as stone.  When he rises up, even the mighty are afraid, and iron is like straw to him.  His underside is like potsherds, and the deep boils like a pot when he swims.  He is unlike anything on the earth.  This creature has the characteristics of an ancient shark like Megalodon, but also sounds alot like a fire-breathing, water-dwelling dragon.  It may have been some type of dinosaur with giant scales.  Some even try to identify this creature with a Tyrannasaurus Rex.  The exact identity of the behemoth and the Leviathon are a mystery, but points to the existence of gigantic creatures that were intimidating, and perhaps faced extinction at the flood.  

God’s purpose in this discussion is to establish His superiority and sovereignty to all who were listening.  God has heard all the arguments from each character about their impressions of God and His ways, and is now reminding everyone Who the Lord is in preparation for His instruction of them.

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