The Fool (Psalm 14)

The words often quoted, “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God,'” spells out a woeful state of being.  The hopelessness, the shame, the futility of not believeing in God is stated here unequivocally.  Those who do not believe are corrupt, commit abominable works, and do no good.  The Lord looks down on them and sees that they have no understanding, have turned aside, and are great in number.  Although they do great damage, and eat up others like bread, they live in fear and do not call on the Lord.  They know deep down that God is with the “generation of the righteous” and that He is the refuge of the poor.  David then longs for the day when the salvation of Israel would come out of Zion.  That will bring rejoicing to Israel.

When Godly people examine the political and social landscape of the world, it is easy to become discouraged by the degradation, sin, and downright foolishness of the society in which we live.  Sin is championed, and righteousness is shunned.  Fools abound everywhere!  However, the righteous remnant has a power beyond that of any and all evildoers:  the power of the Holy Spirit.  Live in the Spirit, and you will experience the power of God in your life to overcome the enemy and to be holy and prosperous in a time when godly people have come under fire.  Regardless of the current political climate, God’s people must be unafraid to declare the truth in love and know that God is our strength.

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