Wicked Men and a Great God (Psalm 36)

David begins this psalm with a discussion of the ways of wicked people.  He names their lack of a fear of God, self-flattery, iniquity, hatred, evil language, scheming, and loving evil.

Then David flips the script and begins a litany of great things attributed to God.  He has great mercy, He is faithful, He is righteous.  He is a God of lovingkindness, and the children of men put their trust under the shadow of His wings.  He provides food and drink.  The Lord is the fountain of life, and the Light of the world.

Finally, David offers a prayer to God to continue offering His lovingkindness and righteousness to those who serve Him, and to stop the efforts of the wicked and prideful against God’s people.

David’s understanding of the two worlds is deep.  He sees the evil and danger of the world of sin and flesh, yet he also sees the power, purity, and provision that comes from the spiritual realm.  When you are overwhelmed by the darkness of the world, remember the source of your strength and light.  When the world weighs you down, reach up to the Lord of glory!

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