Whose Opinion Matters? (Psalm 41)

David proposes a line of thinking in this psalm that should encourage anyone in crisis.  David says that the individual that considers others’ needs will be delivered himself, preserved and kept alive.  He will be blessed for his compassion, and be healed.  He then speaks of the evil treatment he has received from his enemies, their plots against him, their discouraging negative declarations concerning his health and his well-being.  However, the Lord has been merciful, and raised him up.  The Lord is well-pleased with David, an upholds him in his integrity.  David will always be before the face of the Lord, and bless His name from “everlasting to everlasting.”

This begs the question:  Whose opinion really matters?  No doubt, it is tough to hear negative, insulting comments from enemies and even friends.  When people prophecy evil over your life, it can be discouraging.  However, what God says and knows about your life is much more important than what your enemies say.  For one thing, God knows your future.  Two, God can make your future bright.  Third, God can protect you from the negative thoughts and plans of the enemy.  Fourth, God can stop the actions of evil meant for your harm.  God’s opinion matters, because He actually has the power to make things better, to make them right.  Give the word of the Lord the place of priority!

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