The Evil Fall and the Godly are Saved (Psalm 52)

Another psalm of David is written upon the occasion of Doeg the Edomite telling Saul the whereabouts of David.  David begins by calling Doeg–and by extension all evil men–out for his sinfulness.  His boasts in evil are futile and useless, whereas the goodness of God lasts forever.  He lists the sins of the evil man, including destruction, lies, deceit, and loving evil.  In verse 5 he pronounces judgment upon the evil man, declaring that God will destroy him forever, that he will be plucked out of his dwelling and uprooted from his land.

Upon this judgment, the righteous will laugh at the evil man’s plight and fear the Lord.  They will decry the evil man’s reliance on riches rather than on God.  David then declares himself a green olive tree in the house of God, trusting in the mercy of God and praising God forever.  He cries out that the name of God is good.

Often, you may find yourself caught up in a situation where evil people work against you, talking about you behind your back, trying to turn others against you.  This cut-throat world is determined to overwhelm and hold back those who choose to live victoriously for the Lord.  When you are attacked, spoken ill of, betrayed, just remember that in the end, and even now for that matter, the evil will fall, and the Godly shall be saved.  Live Godly, believe strongly, love deeply…God will prevail!

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