I Am Delivered (Psalm 54)

David writes this psalm as a prayer to God when the Ziphites gave up his location to Saul.  He asks God to save him and vindicate him against strangers and oppressors, ungodly people.  He then immediately begins to lift up the fact that God is his helper.  The Lord upholds him, repays enemies, cuts them off.  David pledges to sacrifice to God, praise Him for His deliverance.

This brief psalm is yet another example of praising God in your prayer even when you are in danger or under oppression.  David often got into real tight situations where it would have been possible to fall into the hands of an enemy.  However, he escaped them all.  Some may have attributed his military and strategic success on David’s ability as a warrior.  However, this example shows that David’s true source of success and protection was not his own great mind or strength.  Instead, it was the Lord’s ability and the Lord’s provision that saved him.  My trust is in the Lord.  He will make a way and He will protect my soul!

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