You Are My Refuge (Psalm 71)

This 71st psalm does not have an author identified.  The writer calls out to God, calling Him his strong refuge, a rock and fortress, and declares his trust in the Lord.  He asks the Lord to deliver him out of the hand of the wicked, because he has trusted Him since birth.  Although people wonder about the author, He knows that God is praiseworthy.  He prays for God to remember him all the days of his life, never forsaking him.  He longs for God to be near him all His days, and to confound his enemies.  The psalmist proclaims his desire to  hope in God and go in His strength.  He talks about how the young know God, and when they are old, they understand the depths of His strength and power.  God is great, and has done great things.  There is no one like Him.  The psalmist purposes to praise God with the lute and the harp, and sing of His goodness.

The writer proclaims the greatness of God throughout this psalm, and momentarily asks God for deliverance from his enemies.  This past weekend, a colleague of mine spoke to our church leadership and to the entire church about the nature of prayer.  One of his contentions was that prayer often becomes intercessory or petition entirely.  We ask God for things, but do not stop to have time with Him.  We look for His hand instead of His face.  Why not be more balanced between worship and petition, or maybe just take some time to balance the scales by not asking for anything for a while?  Let God become your confidant and your friend before you ask Him for anything.  He longs to have time with us moreso than just giving us gifts.

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