Remember Your People (Psalm 74)

Asaph writes a contemplation in this psalm concerning the condition of Israel and God’s temple, and lifts up God’s greatness in the process.  He begins by asking God why He has forsaken His people, and asks for Him to remember the congregation of His people.  He then goes on to describe the things that the enemies of God’s people do to the people of God.  They have damaged the sanctuary, set up their banners, break down its carved work, set it on fire.  Asaph bemoans the fact that there are no prophets, that the enemy blasphemes God’s name, and other atrocious acts.  However, Asaph still lifts up the God’s eternity, strength, authority over creation, rules the night and the day.  He then calls on the Lord to remember His people, the poor, the oppressed.  He asks God to also remember those who rise up against Him.  

While Asaph is in agony over the condition of the sanctuary and the onslaught of the enemies of Israel, He also lifts up the glory and the power of their God.  This is another picture of the proper attitude of the believer in the midst of trouble.  In the midst of trouble, complaining does little to alleviate the pain.  In the throes of despair, giving up does not solve the problem.  God responds to faith.  Even if your faith is weak, exercise it and your faith will grow!  God remembers His people when they cry out to Him!

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