His Majesty is Famous (Psalm 76)

Asaph begins this psalm with a statement about God’s notoriety.  He is known in Judah, Israel, Salem, and Zion.  He is established as a military force.  He goes on to describe His fame in terms of the earth.  He is greater than mountains, and men were plundered and died by His hand.  God is to be feared, no one can stand in His presence.  His judgements to deliver the oppressed case the earth to stop and listen.  Even man’s wrath will stop to praise Him, and He will gird Himself with the remaining wrath.  Asaph encourages people to make vows to the Lord and to keep them, because He cuts off princes and is awesome to kings.

When God reveals Himself, His awesome presence brings men to their knees.  His help for His people wins battles.  He is majestic in every way, even out shining the glory of nature.  His presence must be presented in a moderated way on earth, or no man could stand His glory.  Yet one day we will be able to behold Him in all His glory, for we will have a new body and we will be like Him.  In the meantime, remember the mighty God we serve and worship Him with reverence and awe.  He is mighty!

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