Plea for Israel’s Repentance (Psalm 81)

Asaph here provides a song calling the people to response to God’s greatness.  He begins by asking for a joyful shout (noise) to the Lord.  He then moves into a call for a solemn assembly to recount the acts of God in delivering Israel from Egypt and removing the burden from their shoulders.  God calls the people to lay aside idolatry and not worship any foreign gods.  He reminds them of the troubles caused by idolatry and how they suffered.  God opines about His desire for Israel to listen to Him and walk in His ways.  If they would respond, He would turn away their enemies and provide them with the finest of all food and water.

This sounds like a plea from God for today’s church, and for any age.  When the church embraces the idols of the world and reject the true sovereignty of God, we are guilty of the same sins as Israel.  While we are under a covenant of grace rather than law, it is still imperative to sow wisely, so as to reap blessings and not curses.  Grace will allow us forgiveness, but yet the Lord’s covering will not keep us from the consequences of our actions if we cho0se to walk in rebellion and sin.  Give God your obedience and He will give you His covering and blessing.  What an offer!

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