Prayer for Deliverance (Psalm 83)

Asaph writes a psalm here that is a prayer in light of the nation’s apparent imminent danger from enemies.  Asaph begins by asking God to act on Israel’s behalf, because her enemies are plotting against the nation.  He alludes to a confederacy of nations: Edom, Ishmaelites, Moab, Hagrites, Gebal, Ammon, Amalek, Philistia, Tyre, Assyria.  Asaph asks God to deal with them as He did Midian, Sisera, Jabin, Oreb and Zeeb, and others He defeated for Israel. He finally asks God to turn them into rubble, like dust, chaff, ashes.  He asks God to set them on fire, to unleash a storm on them, confound them and dismay them.  

This appeal is a plea for help, but also a demonstration of faith based on the resume of God over the years prior to this moment.  When you are surrounded by enemies, pray for God to give you victory, to confound their plans, and even make them ashamed.  God has done this for His people throughout history, and He will do it for you if you believe and trust in the Lord.  Have hope, for your enemies will not succeed if your Lord is in control!

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