The Eternal Love of God (Psalm 102)

The psalmist writes a psalm here that reflects his affliction.  He begins by asking God to hear and answer his prayer.  The then describes his current situation: consumed, burned, stricken, withered, pining.  His enemies reproach and swear at him, and he weeps constantly.  He then takes a detour and speaks of the Lord’s everlasting nature, His mercy, His awesomeness.  His praises are to be recorded so that later generations may praise Him.  God is praised for liberating the prisoner, laying the foundation of the earth, creating the heavens, and existing eternally.

God is seen as an omnipotent God, able to save and deliver.  Remember the mighty acts of your God.  Remember the awesome attributes of your Lord.  Recount His salvation, healing, and deliverance in your life.  God is worthy of praise, so praise Him continually.  He is awesome and mighty, so worship Him. When one realizes the eternal love of Christ, it is nearly impossible to avoid praise.  Lift Him Up!

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