Forever God, God Most High, Gracious God (Psalm 113)

The psalmist writer of Psalm 113 gives us reasons to praise God for three very distinct reasons.

First, he illuminates the idea that God is worthy of praise forever, a definite allusion to the fact that He is a forever God.  He is eternal and therefore is worthy of and may be praise forever.  This is a praiseworthy attribute.  Second, he shows God to be high, with His glory above the heavens.  There is no one like Him,  He is alone God, and there is no other.  He humbles Himself just to consider the earth and its inhabitants, yet He does so gladly.  This makes God praiseworthy.  Third, He shows the act of God’s grace in lifting the poor and seating him with princes, granting a barren woman a home and the joy of children.

God is great.  The Lord our God is awesome.  He is worthy for His eternity, for His elevated state, and for His gracious love toward mankind.  Praise Him, and see His hand at work in your life.  You may be the recipients of this wonderful God’s majesty, grace, and eternal love!

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