Serving for the Future (Psalm 132)

This song of Ascents asks the reader to remember David’s afflictions, and how he committed to not rest until he found a place for the Lord.  Then he committed to go up to His tabernacle and worship Him.  He asks God to not turn His face from Israel, and rehearses the promise God gave to David to keep one of his descendants on the throne of Israel.  The Lord has chosen Zion for His dwelling place.  He will provide for her, clothe her priests with salvation. and bless David.

This psalm declares David’s intentions to God and God’s intentions to David.  This is an expression of covenant, and a description of the relationship between God and man.  When man worships God wholeheartedly, and pledges to serve Him, God responds with blessings, protection, and longevity.  Walking with God produces legacy and heritage.  You cannot expect your sons to sit on your throne after you until you first serve God faithfully and passionately.  Let God know your intentions and let God see your actions as a worshipper!

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